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Why Go solar In BC?

The first question that potinetial clients ask is :  Do we have enough sunshine in BC? The answer is yes. Our solar panels are engineered in germany.  Germany has less sunshine than here in BC.  Most of Germany now has solar panels.

Are you solar ready?

The best way to prepare for getting the most out of your is by installing a Tosot Heat Pump.  When you install a Tosot Heat Pump you get the benifit of air conditioning, plus 51% of heating and cooling will be powered by your Solar Panels. 
When we complete your project, you will no longer have a BC Hydro bill, Natural gas bill, plus you can charge your car. 

We will give your the financial freedom you deserve.

Solar panels on house.jpg

What are Q-cells

solar panel q cells 2.jpg
Q cells.jpg
solar panels q cells 1.jpg
SolarEdge-Hub-Inverter-System (1).jpg

Inverters are the Heart of the System

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