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Hello From the Solar Community HVAC Plus


We would like to have the opportunity to introduce ourselves to you.  Our company is the Solar Community.

Our company has exceptional experience within the solar and HVAC industries.  Our vision of the Solar Community is to lead other communities towards a more environmentally responsible way of living.  It is our mandate to reveal to communities current and future needs, educating community members and leaders and making them aware of many great environmentally friendly choices they have.  


We have the opportunity to be at the forefront, leading other communities to live off-grid, off fossil fuels, not relying on Site C Dam, which we know are liabilities to our environment.  We would like to work with you in developing, an off-grid infrastructure that incorporates indigenous values, for living in harmony and balance with our environment.


The Solar community has many energy initiatives that can be set as goals for your community.  We intend to lighten our footprint on Mother Earth by creating a cleaner environment now, then leave behind a pristine legacy, and example to follow, for future generations. We can do this by using renewable energy combining heating and cooling equipment, along with installing the needed EV infrastructure


Our business model incorporates technologies that are leaders in the industry in terms of efficiencies and cost effectiveness.  We offer products that carry extensive warranties, many up to 25 years.  Our Solar technology incorporates remote site monitoring, which makes it easier to troubleshoot when a problem arises.  We also provide FLO EV charging stations that provide level 2 charging. Our advanced battery systems provide long-term solutions, for those times when you lose power. We have HVAC products that eliminate the reliance on fossil 

uels and can be powered with Solar Energy.  Other products include heat pump variations for heating and domestic hot water.


Past Clients include Costco for British Columbia. Installation and Maintenance of Refrigeration and HVAC. Electrical throughout warehouse, exterior and parking light fixtures, and building automation.  Industrial gas maintaining of Bake ovens and other gas equipment. 


Bayshore Inn, Fairmont Hotels, and Pan Pacific.


Currently we are working at the George Massey tunnel project, installing new street-lamps, new signal lights, control panels, and fiber optics, which is a Ten million dollar project.


We not only want to partner with indigenous communities, but we want to benefit them as well by creating long term employment opportunities.  We belong to the IBEW 213 Electrical union.  Why? We believe in fair wages for fair pay, with benefits. We currently employ first nations men, and women in the trades.


We would appreciate the opportunity to meet with you in the near future.



Kind Regards,

Joel Winterburn

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First Nations People can apply for Income qualified grants regardless of income.
These are the grants that they can receive.
$9,500 for heat pumps
$3,500 for Hot water heat pumps
$3,500 for electrical upgrades
$1,600 for  two bathroom fans


Brief program description

  • Currently open for Indigenous organizations and communities.

  • Reopening in 2024 for all other qualifying organizations.

  • Program dedicated to projects focusing on EV charger deployment in public places, on-street, in multi-unit residential buildings, at workplaces, and for vehicle fleets.

  • NRCan’s contribution will be limited to 50% of total project costs*, with the exception of Indigenous organizations and communities who can get up to 75 % of total project costs.

  • Each project has maximum limit of $10 million in subsidy.

  • Presented in the form of calls for projects, applications are selected through a competitive process

  • Funding is based on infrastructure type

What that Means for your community is
With a ten million dollar subsidy You could Install EV Chargers At your community center, your Schools, Business  and your residences. The grants would cover 75% of the cost of installation as well as infrastructure. The infrastructure could include a solar field where you generate your own electricity for the community.
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Join the solar revolution and save money on your energy bills while reducing your carbon footprint. Contact us today to learn more about our solar energy solutions.

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