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Solar Just Makes Sense.  It is a reliable way to reduce emissions and makes Financial Sense. The Question thats asked our team the most "Does British Columbia have enough sunshine to make it worthwhile?  The answer is Yes.

British Columbia has some of the best potentials in Canada, providing a consistent source of solar energy for your home.  At The Solar Community HVAC Plus we provide the best tools for fighting Climate Change.

Why not leave a legacy for our children!

Protect yourself from rising energy cost.  The Solar Community HVAC Plus is the only contractor in British Columbia that "Blends Human Comfort with Solar" By removing your Natural Gas Furnace and installing a Heat Pump you truly maximize lowering Carbon Emissions. Now your Solar Array really does go to work lowering your total energy consumption.


Get the best customer experience in Solar

The Best Equipment

Our Solar Panels are German Engineered,

providing the best warranties in the industry. We use Micro Inverters to maximize production of energy.


System monitoring is included with your Solar Package.  We even give you a Smart Phone app to track your systems energy production.

Stress - Free Installation

Trust The Solar Community HVAC that your installation will be completed with no added expenses.  Your installations will be completed by experienced installers with all proper licensing and certification.

Solar Energy Expertise

We put education first - all our employees are fully trained in Solar and HVAC concepts.  Being Union trained they are equipped to help you understand the process and avoid common pitfalls.

The Energy Solution with Genuine Customer Care

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 Solar Arrays are incredibly reliable and low maintenance .  Our systems are German Engineered, and include product warranties of up to 25 years, giving you decades of free electricity to power your Heat Pump and other energy loads.

By going solar with The Solar Community HVAC plus, you can start saving right away, enjoy more power guilt free, and protect yourself from HYDRO's rising cost.  We're here to help you on your journey to energy independence.  Yes we provide the best tools for fighting climate change.

Why not leave a legacy for our children?

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