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Heat Pumps

We are so Confident in Tosot, because Of our warranty. Ten years Parts and Labor. The best in the industry.

A Tosot Heat Pump installed on wall of Family room | Heat Pump Installers Pitt Meadows | Solar Community HVAC Plus

In many cold climate regions of the world, the

husky represents  performance and reliability in extreme conditions.  Our husky represents these values and reminds you that Tosot has your back.

Our four pillars are reliable and efficient equipment.

Support, training and education to the people that

install our equipment. Logistics and communication.

Tosot offers the best industry standard warranty.

The first three years of the 10 year warranty is replacement no questions asked if our units should fail in any way. 

Thats how confident we are in our products.

When replacing that gas furnace with our Air Handler and heat pump, the Clean BC grant is $6,000.


 Why not let your Solar Array power your Heat Pump?

Mother Playing with child LG Heat Pumps | Heat Pump Installers Pitt Meadows | Solar Community HVAC Plus

The Solar Community HVAC Plus Blends Human Comfort With Solar.  Our equipment offers the best industry standard warranties.

Wether you are in the lower mainland or further north our LGRED has you covered.  With our line of products we can design effective solutions for your home.  Our Design Team incorporates heat loss and Benchmarking, so your system is designed for your house, and its energy consumption.

Remove your Gas Furnace and we can install a LG Air Handler with Heat Pump.  These products can be powered by your Solar Array.

We at The Solar Community HVAC provide you with the tools to Fight Climate Change.

Why not Leave a Legacy for our Children.

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