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Mother and daughter spending time at home| Breathing Clean filtered air | Solar Community HVAC Plus Pitt Meadows

The Solar Community HVAC Plus, Blending   Human Comfort with  Comfort with Solar. So many times when we talk about heating and cooling air we forget about air purity.

Yes take a breath and think, what really am I breathing.  Did you know that many of our houses today  contain pollutants that will affect your health in one way or another. 


When we come to your home we actually measure the large and small particles trapped within your home. Then design a system is a solution to your problems.  Even our filter system goes beyond industry standards.

Benefits of Air Purification

Our systems provide continuous protection against airborne pathogens.  They reduce odors, mold, viruses and bacteria.  These systems eliminate VOCs, chemicals or ozone.

Why go to all this effort? It's about your respiratory health.  Our systems reduce symptoms of illnesses and allergies.  They are safe, eco-friendly and affordable.  Plus they are easy to operate and maintain.

Ask yourself the question Is your health worth it?

Mom and dad play with daughters Breathing pure air | Heat Pump Installers Pitt Meadows | Solar Community HVAC Plus
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